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First of all, I want to express my gratitude to God for answering one of my biggest prayer. It is true that when you have faith in Him, nothing is impossible.

To my family, thank you so much for always believing in me and supporting all of my dreams. Also, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Sir Fritz, Miss Marie, and the entire Access Direct staff for helping me at every turn of this journey despite of all the challenges we faced throughout the entire process, I have no regrets about choosing your company because you always go out of your way to assist me in achieving my Canadian dream.

Without your company’s assistance, I would not have been able to complete the process. I can’t still believe that my Canadian Student Visa was approved in just 23 days.

Thank you so much access direct, may your company assist more people in getting their visas approved.

-Kristena Gomez of Bohol, Philippines
Diploma in Business Management
Toronto School of Management

First, I want to thank God for this opportunity. I surrendered our application to him and got our approval the next day. It was truly a blessing!

Also, big thanks to sir Fritz and the whole team, especially to Ms. Julie, for addressing all of our concerns and assisting us in lodging our application up until the preparation for our flight.

Our application, I must say, encountered a lot of obstacles but because of your knowledge in the industry, our dream became reality. May you be able to help more applicants in the future ADVATS!

-Tanglao Family
Student Visa with Open Work Permit
University of Lethbridge- Business Management

Macario Coronado
Endless thanks to Sir Fritz, Sir Merck, Ma’am Marie, and the rest of the team. I appreciate all your efforts.

You taught us to be patient. You didn’t leave us until our passports had visas. The purpose of helping others is an asset in the company.

No doubt to recommend you to everyone who dreams of going to Canada. You have such excellent service. More power and cheers!

A family of 4 from Cebu City approved!

-Ms. Geobell Lyn Allaga- Gerondio
PostBac Diploma in Business Management Program
Cape Breton University

Macario Coronado

“First I want to praise and thank God for this opportunity. Truly this is an answered prayer.

Thank you sir Fritz, and the whole Access Direct team for your guidance and assistance during the whole application process. May you will be able to help more people get their visa approved. More power and blessings to your company.

Also thank you to my parents for the full support. Forever grateful to the both of you.”

-Rene Labayen Jr
Diploma in Business Administration

Macario Coronado

“Our heartfelt gratitude to Access Direct Visa for the continuous assistance to our family. From helping my husband’s student visa application last time, now on my Open Work Permit and my 2 children’s visitors visa APPROVAL, you guys never failed to help us.

You made sure that we follow what we are supposed to do and submit. We are looking forward for our other dependents to process their visas next year still with your assistance.

This was just our dream before, now a reality. We will endorse you to our friends and relatives who want to also achieve their Canadian dreams.

To all who want to take their chances, just believe. Claim it! Just approach Sir Fritz’ and his team and they will surely help and guide you every step of the way. God bless Access Direct Visa!!! More visa approvals from you 😊”


-Ms Karry Grace Mascada and kids
Open Work Permit

Macario Coronado
“My journey in applying student visa would never be possible without the assistance by Access Direct Visa.

My journey began in 2021 where pandemic was still in prominence. I decided to go with Access Direct Visa because of their strong tied up with various educational institution in Canada. I got interested in University Canada West because it offers regional scholarship and post graduate work permit as one of the DLIs in Canada.

As career professional for more than 20 years, Master in Business Administration is a perfect choice. I can say the journey was not a walk in the park there were challenges but with ADVATS, I overcome all of those obstacles.

I can’t believe that I am going to school again at 45 but this is the path I believe that God had given me to my journey in Canada.

Again my big appreciation to Access Direct Visa and I will continue to ask them for advise until I finally settled in Canada with my family. Thank you sir Fritz, Zia and the rest of the team.

God bless you and pray you will help more Filipinos fulfill their dreams of living in Canada.”


-Macario Coronado
Masters in Business Administration

“Thank you for your excellent service! Though I have been a nuisance for asking too much questions, you took care of me and my husband.

Also, my visa application to Canada wouldn’t be a success without your help.
Kudos to your team!

-Janneth Napiza Angob
Canada Open Work Permit

“Thank you so much to Access Direct, especially sir Fritz and Ms Jul for helping us achieve this!! If it weren’t for their help, for the people who have supported us, and for the Lord who had mercy on us, we would be nowhere near our dreams.

We hope for more CAD dreamers like us to trust you help them reach their once-thought impossible goals because it actually IS POSSIBLE!

Thank you so much again and wishing Access Direct all the best with more approvals to come.”


-Angelica Tomnob
Graduate Certificate in Project management
Fleming College Toronto


-Niño Philip Dano
Open Work Visa

“I want to thank Access Direct Visa, Sir Fritz and his team, Maam Marie and Maam Jeraldine, and to almighty father, for accompanying me toward my Canadian dream as International Student without them I won’t be able to reach this.

And for all the new aspiring applicants, don’t lose hope, follow your dreams, nothing is impossible.

God’s Plans for you are bigger than your plans for yourSelf.
Isaiah 55:8-9”


-Mylin Perez
Diploma in E-Commerce and Business Management
Trebas Insitute

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Access Direct Visa especially to sir Fritz and his team and especially to God❤️
Thank u so much and to your team!! You may have more students to come and more approvals!”


-Charze Bryan Carsocho
Diploma in Business Management with Coop
Canadian College Technology and Business

“AccessDirect Visa helped me to get through every hurdle throughout my process, as I am unaware of many things. But I just followed the process and sir Fritz’ team.

He just told me to wait patiently and to pray. Sure enough, he called me and surprised me with good news! As I quote, “trust that when the time is right, what feels empty at the moment will be filled with so much more than you can imagine”.

Thank you ADVATS team for helping me achieve my dream!”


-Jane Candia
Diploma in Business Management with Coop
Toronto School of Management

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Access Direct Visa especially to sir Fritz and his team. Indeed, when the time is right, the Lord will make it happen. God’s timing is always perfect. Trust his delays. He’s got you.”


-Jhake Manacap
Diploma in Business Management with Coop
Toronto School of Management

“Thank you sir Fritz and Access Direct Visa team for your constant support and guidance. After months and months of waiting, my visa is finally approved! I’m grateful for ADVATS because wala jud mi nila pasagdi sa akong mga friends. From the start up until the end, naa ra jud sila to accommodate our concerns. May you have more clients and more approvals to come!”


-Jhasmine Escarda
Diploma in Business Management with Coop
Toronto School of Management

“Thank you ADVATS team, especially to sir fritz for helping me of my Canada student visa approval. thank you for the courage and the unlimited help, in answering my queries even late at night everyday. you guys are the true bridge of all the aspiring applicants in achieving their dreams. God speed and more power to your company.”


-Noel  Doria
E-Commerce & Online Business Management
Trebas Institute

“Approved in 30 days!!!! I am so grateful to have ADVATS as part of my journey. The staffs are very accommodating including their boss sir Fritz, providing helpful information, 24/7 online to guide me, very keen on my documents before lodging. Sir Fritz and ADVATS staffs thank you so much.”

-Maria Theresa Evarola
Diploma in Digital Business Management
Toronto School of Management

“Thank you so much Sir Fritz and team ADVATS! Also to Ms Julie! Daghang salamat sa inyong tanan! God bless us all!”

-Pascual Family
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management – International Business
Lambton College

“Thank you so much Sir Fritz and ADVATS team! Praise God for your lives ”

-Joselito Cajandig – Student with OWP/Dependent Visas
Postgradute Certificate in Construction Project Management
Centennial College

“Access Direct Visa was helpful in providing guidance during my student visa application. Sir Fritz was always online and ready to take questions. All in all, it was a good experience. Thank you Access Direct Visa! ”

-Joseph Narcelles – Manila, Philippines
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management-International Business
Lambton College

“First of all, I wanna say THANK YOU to Access Direct Visa for their undying support and guidance since Day 1. Never would have achieved our Canadian dream without them. Shoutout to Sir Fritz and Ms. Jhela Bas for all your help and assistance, for understanding all our anxieties and for reassuring us to never lose faith. God is good indeed! ”

-Jeriz and Lowell Casquejo
Masters in Business Administration
University Canada West

“I’m more than satisfied with the services of Access Direct and the entire process. From gathering the required documents up until the final touches, Fritz and his team were always within reach and is great with all the follow-ups and follow-throughs. His network is far-reaching and knows key people who can get things done. I am glad I was introduced to Fritz through his previous clients who have successfully immigrated to Canada with his help. Indeed, “proven and tested! ”

-Ms. Joyce Atuel
Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Niagara College Toronto

“Thank you so much, Sir Fritz ha. Thank you for all your assistance in all the aspects of my visa application. I know I should give credit to myself and to mama pero I wouldn’t do this CORRECTLY kung wala lahat ng guidance mo, paalala at mga advices. Baka binigyan ako ng matinding refusal ng Visa Officer, kung hindi mo ako ginabayan. Forever thankful to you, sir. Pinagmamalaki ko talaga agency niyo sa mga bago kong kakilala kasi napaka-transparent niyo po sa lahat. Lahat ng credentials ko at GCKey hindi niyo ipinagdamot unlike other agencies. I was really able to monitor all the movements of my application. Sana sir, i-guide niyo pa rin ako sa journey ko hanggang maging PR. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ”

– Zhia Kate Dupitas
Graduate Certificate in International Business Management
Niagara College Toronto

The location is very accessible. Their office is located inside Prince Warehouse Bulacao (left side from the main entrance of the store). Clean, nice ambiance and facilities are well maintained. Staffs are very accommodating, trustworthy and easy to deal with especially their General Manager, Mr. Fritz. Great service indeed.

I do engaged Access direct for my Visa. They are legit , friendly and helpful in explaining in detail. Very nice place and super easy application. Trustworthy and very Experienced Mr Fritz Alfanso. Highly Recommended

Very friendly and accommodating staff, special mention to Fritz Alfonsus. All my inquiries were answered in a timely manner, you won’t regret making business with him. I will recommend Access Direct Visa and Travel Services to my family and friends.

– Very accommodating and approachable.
– Able to respond in my inquiries in a short period of time.
– Gives you tips and reminders for your trip.

Booked ferry and airline tickets through Access Direct, paid thru 7-eleven… transaction done in a breeze!!! They have all the travel services you might be looking for and im gonna get their services again and refer my friends too. Very legit! Thank you Access Direct Visa and Travel Services!

Friendly and accomodating staff and very attentive to answering inquiries and giving information.

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