WHY Italy

Italy is one of the most highly desired international students destinations and has long been a hotspot for international students with tens of thousands flocking to this picturesque peninsula every year to study.

Italy has a rich history of art and cultural achievements. If you’re planning to attend a university in Italy, you’ll be learning in one of the most attractive cities in Europe.



Plenty of Programs

Study abroad in Italy, a country known for its culture, food, and architecture. Focus on your major-specific studies or take a variety of courses that will expand your knowledge across several fields.

High-Quality Education

Italy is a country that attracts students worldwide with its high-quality education system, philosophers and thinkers, artists, scientists and champions of human rights.

Explore Beautiful Landscapes

By studying abroad in Italy, you’ll be exposed to the country’s rich culture and charming people. You’ll likely find yourself visiting Rome and Naples, but don’t forget about beautiful Florence or picture-perfect Capri.

Work While You Study

The Italian permit of stay for study or training reasons is a residence permit for foreign students and trainees who intend to study in Italy. The grant of such permit allows the holder to conduct part-time employment in Italy during their studies.

Experience Italian Culture

An immersion in Italian culture and history helps you develop an expanded world perspective and appreciation for tradition, beauty, and creativity.


Learn Italian

Italian is a Romance language spoken by about 70 million people in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and parts of Romania, Croatia and Slovenia. Italian is a descendant of Latin which was originally spoken around the area of Rome.

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